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 Hi there! 👋 It's Alan Ayoubi. 


Growing up in a war-torn city, my childhood was marked by fear, uncertainty, and an unrelenting desire to break free from the cycle of violence and create something bigger than myself.

Fast forward to years later, in 2017, I landed a job and was ticking off all my dreams; that sounded like an impossible mission back in the day.

Trotting around the globe? Check! Flexing my design muscles and winning top-notch projects? Yep. Earning a really decent living as a designer – enough to buy my parents a house? You better believe it. Things could not have been better!

However, with every high comes a low 💔 


All that epicness quickly transformed into an overindulgence in stress and exhaustion, which put a dint on my mental and physical health. 

Eventually, my body launched into full revolt mode. After visiting several hospitals and receiving endless doctor warnings, I realized this wasn't quite the 'dream' I had envisioned!

No matter how much career and financial autonomy I secured, the feeling of being lost only escalated. Turns out, the real challenge was more than just hitting all these BIG milestones – it was finding a balance between my passion and peace of mind.

That’s when I decided to reclaim control of my life!  💪 


I knew I had to switch gears and find an online income stream that could give me the freedom I desperately sought. 

And after trying (and failing) at everything from YouTube to Etsy, I stumbled upon the incredible potential of online courses. And boy, am I glad I did!

Taking it as a sign, I dove deep into learning everything there was to know about creating and selling online courses. 

From reading articles throughout the day to watching video tutorials until late at night and investing my hard-earned savings into specialized programs – I was determined to make it work for me.

At first, I struggled to find my footing, pouring countless hours, energy, and effort into uncovering that magic formula that would take me to the top.

But with each passing day, my motivation grew stronger. Every failure was a lesson, every setback a challenge to rise above. 

And eventually, this hard work, persistence, and unshakeable drive paid off. I launched my first course and made $8. It was a tiny victory, but it was mine and fueled my hunger to succeed.

Following this humbling experience, I was even more motivated to climb higher and higher.  🚀


I knew I was on to something. And guess what? 

Three months later, thanks to all the experiments done and lessons learned during this journey, I sold another course, bringing me an astonishing $10k profit in just one month. 

Talk about finding your light at the end of the dark tunnel. 

From there, I created more courses, honed my skills, and watched my income soar. It was like a switch had flipped inside me, allowing me to discover my true calling. Now, I've sold my courses to over 180k students in 196 countries. Major tech and entertainment companies have taken notice, and they offer my courses to their employees.

But it's never about the numbers, the income, or the recognition

It's about something deeper, something that lies at the core of every human being – the desire to create, inspire, and make a difference.

My journey has been long and sometimes felt like an uphill battle. Every step of the way, I learned something new about myself and what I'm capable of achieving. I faced my fears, took risks, and pushed myself beyond limits. And the rewards have been more than worth it. Today, I'm living my dream, doing work I love, and helping others realize their goals.

And if you’ve read this far, I want you to know that wherever you are on your journey, whatever struggles you may face, you have the power to overcome them. Life is not always easy, and success is never guaranteed. But never give up on your vision, no matter how tough the road may seem. 

And hey, if you need any help along the way - know that I'm here for ya!

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